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About Tennyson Players

About Tennyson Players

To describe the history and activities of Tennyson Players, perhaps it is best to quote directly from our Equal Opportunities Policy ......

The Tennyson Amateur Players were established as a group in 1984 by people connected with Tennyson High School, Mablethorpe, and interested in performing plays. It needs to be stated that this is an amateur group with no pretensions to high dramatic ability or performance, only a love of drama and the performing arts.

The original members consisted of pupils, ex-pupils, governors and teachers at the School. However, there was no policy of elitism, and in a short space of time, probably after one production, the society was actively seeking new members from the community who had no connection with the school.

The main aim of the membership has always been to seek to improve their own skills at the Performing Arts, whilst providing a society which would encourage youngsters to join and learn the same skills. One of the main ways that this was done was to enter the various Drama Festivals, where professional adjudicators would express their opinions of plays performed and suggest ways of improving standards. For twenty years the Tennyson Players took part in various festivals and won many awards. The recent increase in costs is one of the reasons why this has been discontinued. But over that time there was a high percentage of awards won by the under 21, most promising actor category.

There has always been a Junior section of the society and on countless occasions, workshops have been held, led either by senior members or outsiders who have been invited in.

Throughout the history of the Society, there has been an active encouragement of all categories of member. There has always been an open group consisting of anyone who wishes to join in any capacity whatsoever. In any drama society, there is always a need for people who wish to take acting roles. There is an equal demand for those who make costumes, construct scenery, sell tickets, make posters, control lighting and sound equipment, etc. These are members as valuable as the actors.

Written into the Constitution of the Tennyson Amateur Players, is the Rule "Anyone can become a member of the group, irrespective of race, creed, gender, condition or ability." This rule is adhered to constantly.

Mablethorpe is a deprived area and the Tennyson Players have always been representative of the area in the fact of their opening the membership to all those who wish to join.

To sum up, over the course of its history the society, the Tennyson Amateur Players, has been delighted to welcome as members the young, the elderly, those with learning difficulties, those of all cultures and races, those of other nationalities than British, people, in short, of any kind.

It is safe to say that all of the above categories have taken part in the productions. It is also safe to say that in future they will continue to be welcome as full members of this society.