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Coming Soon - Mrs Brown's Boys!

We are thrilled to announce that we have been granted permission by Brendan O'Carroll (aka Agnes Brown) and Stephen McCrum (BBC producer of Mrs Brown's Boys) to stage four performances of the two Christmas 2012 episodes of Mrs Brown's Boys - Mammy Christmas & The Virgin Mammy.  We believe we are one of only two companies to be given this honour to date - quite some achievement.

Brendan is very keen to support projects that involve or benefit young people.  His company have very generously donated £250 toward production costs.  All profits from staging the show will go toward funding our Easter Drama Workshops (SCADS) and we plan to involve older teenagers in key elements of the production such as lighting, sound, ticketing, set building etc.

This is a very exciting venture, not just for Tennyson Players but for the community as a whole and The Dunes Complex, where it will be staged. We will be seeking the support and involvement of as many local people as possible so that they can be part of making it a success.

Below you will see a timeline of things that will be happening between February and November, when the show will be staged.  Click on a + sign to expand any part of the timeline.This timeline will be updated regularly as planning progresses.  If you feel that you can contribute or help in any way please do let us know.

Producer: Chris Flanagan
Director: Neil Smaller
Assistant Director: Robert Watson



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Scripts & Cast List

These will be available to users and members who are registered on our website around the middle of the month

Auditions & Casting

Auditions will take place at the Community Hall, Stanley Avenue, Mablethorpe. Provisional dates are 1st & 6th April. April also sees our annual SCADS drama workshop when more details about Mrs Brown's Boys will be publicised at the two shows that culminate the week (Monday 14th to Friday 18th April )
May - June

Costumes & Props

Cast members will be individually sourcing costumes. We are looking for someone to oversee / coordinate this. The costume requirements are fairly straightforward. Perhaps one or two local charity shops can help out by loaning outfits? We will also be appealing for larger stage props, such as a couch, easy chairs etc for Agnes's sitting room.

Rehearsals Begin

One of the early rehearsals will include a cast photo shoot in preparation for publicity posters. As we have 11th & 12th July pencilled in for the performance of a summer production in association with Sutton Theatre Company, rehearsals will most likely start in the second half of the month on Tuesday & Sunday evenings. Big publicity push during our performances for the Illuminations Switch on (26th July).

Posters & Publicity

Varying sizes of posters, including car window sized, will be available. We are looking for some amazing support from shops, businesses and organisations in Mablethorpe, Sutton, Alford, Skegness & Louth to offer to display posters. If you can help, please use our Contact page to get in touch. Rehearsals will continue in August.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Plenty to do this month! Twice weekly rehearsals, finalise set design & sourcing of materials and large props. Publicity via Meridale News.

Watch This Space!

We'll be incorporating technical elements such as sound and effects into rehearsals. The cast will be expected to be word perfect and have thrown away their scripts by the end of the month. Further publicity will be done in the form of Press Releases to the local press. Tickets will go on sale in the last week of the month and will be available online via our website and at specific local shops. It will be possible to book a guaranteed reserved seat from a seating plan. Audience members should be aware that Mrs Brown's Boys contains strong language.

Big Run-In to the Performances

It will be all hands on deck from 1st November to build the set at the Dunes. we anticipate it will be difficult to do much work on this in October whilst there are still seasonal things happening at the venue. We're really keen to hear from anyone with joinery, good DIY and painting skills. By this time we hope to have attracted interest from the wider media including Look North, Calendar, BBC Lincolnshire Lincs FM and more!
22nd, 23rd, 29th & 30th November

Mrs Brown's Boys Performances!

Times will be confirmed but most likely will be 2 Saturday evening and 2 Sunday matinee shows. Buy your tickets early & enjoy the show!